I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you personally, I'm thrilled to have you here. My goal is to provide you with fun and informative oral health suggestions, along with many other perks, such as whitening and tooth gems.

The Dentistry world can be quite confusing. From your Benefit coverage, to the Doctor's terminology, and even down to which toothbrush you should use. How can something so small cause such a headache? Tooth Tips is my way of simplifying it all for you.

With time, this place will be your Dental Sanctuary and I encourage you to contact me anytime with your questions, comments, and feedback.


Did You Know?


"An apple a day keeps the Dentist away"

Studies were done to debunk the old saying.

"Chewing an apple does not remove dental plaque, and may favor plaque regrowth during the first 24 hours, but it does produce an immediate reduction in salivary bacterial viability similar to that after tooth brushing."

-U.S. National Library of Medicine